Watch U.S. National Debt Rise Online

There is a website that lets you see the United States debt rise while you watch. It goes up hundreds of thousands of dollars in seconds.

The site also shows numbers as they change for U.S. Total Debt, Consumer Debt, Credit Card Debt and also shows numbers changing as money is added into Federal Tax, State Tax, State Tax and Payroll Tax.

It also breaks down the debt to each citizen and family. It is overwhelming to watch so many numbers changing at the same time.


Martina McBride: In My Daughter’s Eyes

Martina McBride singing In My Daughter’s Eyes.

Five of Martina McBride’s singles have reached No. 1 on the country charts. Seven of her nine studio albums have gone gold or platinum with 16 million in sales during her career.

Her website has several of her videos to watch:

Howdy Doody Show

Howdy Doody was shown in the afternoon on KALB TV in Alexandria, Louisiana in the 50's.

Howdy Doody was one of the early shows seen on KALB TV in Alexandria, Louisiana in the 50’s and the show lives on in my memories of that time. I can remember Howdy and Buffalo Bob Smith, Clarabelle the Clown, Chief Thunderthud, Princess Summerfall Winterspring, Mayor Phineas T. Bluster and Dilly Dally and Flub A Dub the puppet which consisted of parts of eight animals.

I can recall Buffalo Bob asking the kids in the peanut gallery “What time is it” and they say “It’s Howdy Doody time”.

Clarabell the Clown was played by Bob Keeshan who later would become Captain Kangaroo on the CBS network.

The show was taken off the air in 1960 and this is the very end of the last show:

Pinky Lee Show

This clip from a Pinky Lee Show reminds me when KALB TV in Alexandria, Louisiana didn’t come on the air till about 3:30 in the afternoon back in the 1950’s and Howdy Doody and Pinky Lee were the first two shows telecast.

Pinky Lee was a silly show but back in these days when there might only be one television station in most towns it was the only show on the air in many markets.

Col. Sanders on I’ve Got a Secret

Col. Harland Sanders appears on I’ve Got a Secret shortly after selling his company Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1964 and the panelists try to guess his secret which has nothing to do with selling the company.

Hawthorne Caballeros 2009 Drum and Bugle Corps Biography

The Hawthorne Caballeros celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2006 and are still active today. They are known for their marching uniforms that are designed with a Spanish motif.

They were formed in Hawthorne, New Jersey in 1946 and are still active 64 years later. They have won the DCA World Championship nine times with the last championship won in 2003.

Their website has an extensive history of the Caballeros with many photos.

Old Time Radio 24 Hours a Day

Old time radio “died” on September 30, 1962 but it still can be heard 24 hours a day 48 years later at

Since visiting the website this morning I have heard an Amos and Andy show and a Fibber McGee and Molly show two of the best known shows from old time radio days. Have Gun Will Travel is now being broadcast while I write this post.

The website features excellent sound on the old time radio broadcasts.

The broadcast schedule includes a live program hosted by Ken Stockinger and Neal Ellis that is broadcast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 PM ET.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) old time radio historian/author Martin Grams Jr. will discuss Alfred Hitchcock who is listed as doing only thirteen old time radio shows at but it still should be an interesting discussion for old time radio fans. 9PM ET Wednesday June 16.

Listeners are encouraged to call (410) 360-6070 during the live show.

New Feature Added at the best source for information about old time radio shows has now added a new feature that lets visitors at the website search by date. For instance all shows in their database that were broadcast on June 6, 1944 can be found when going to that date in the list of dates.

It is especially useful for someone like me that wasn’t born till four months after D-Day since it lists the 132 regular shows and special D-Day broadcasts that were broadcast that day.

Online old time radio dealer sells 106 shows from June 6, 1944 for $4 plus shipping for those who would like to have their own CD of the events on the day that signaled the end of World War II.

Another date to search would be the birthday of a visitor. For instance my birthday is October 14, 1944 and found 11 shows broadcast on that date.

Visitors can also search for shows by program and by artist on the home page. For instance it list 1.128 shows in which Jack Benny appeared. The site lists Jim Jordan with 1,227 shows and his wife Marion Jordan with 1.191 shows including other appearances besides Fibber McGee and Molly.

The lists are not all inclusive but only include shows in the Radio Gold Index database. Amos and Andy is listed with only 314 shows but I have seen as many as 367 shows for sale online.

This company which I have done business with is selling those 367 shows on three MP3 CD’s for $5 total which includes shipping: