Tammy Wynette Memorial Service

It has been twelve years since Tammy Wynette died on April 6, 1998 of a blood clot in her lungs. She was 55 at the time of her death.

She was married to country singer George Jones for three years from 1969-1972 and their child Tamala Georgette Jones was born in 1970 and will be 40 this year. I remember seeing Tammy on stage holding the baby and saying that George wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be able to perform at the Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria, Louisiana in the 70’s.

Tammy singing Till I Can Make It On My Own which was released after her marriage with George Jones and is one of my favorite Tammy Wynette songs even though she is better known for D-I-V-O-R-C-E and Stand By Your Man.

Medical problems plagued her the last 28 years of her life and she endured 26 surgeries during her lifetime yet she still performed when able.

The following clips are from her memorial service held on April 9, 1998 at Ryman Auditorium:

J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet sing Angel Band at the memorial service.

Dolly Parton shares memories of Tammy and sings Shine On.

Lorrie Morgan singing the Tammy Wynette classic Stand By Your Man at the memorial service.

CMT ranked Tammy in 2002 as No.2 among female country music stars behind Patsy Cline and ahead of Loretta Lynn.

We may never see another singer whose real life experiences poured out from her heart while singing with more emotion than Tammy.


Memories Flood Back On Oldies Television

Oldiestelevision.com brings back memories of the early days of television and also features some of the newer programs.

I just watched a very interesting program called the Rocky Marciano Show as he interviewed Jackie Gleason. One of the stories Gleason relates is that a man attending one of his shows at the Bucket of Blood is giving Gleason a bad time and he challenges him to meet him outside. When he does Gleason starts to say something and is immediately punched out. Later on he finds out the man is the famous boxer Tough Tony Galento.

Marciano tells him he chose the wrong guy since Galento was one of the toughest street fighters around back then.

This is just one of many videos available at the website.

The website features shows from the 50’s and 60’s plus also features a Classic Oldies Jukebox and 45’s.

Many shows rarely seen even on cable television can be found like Life of Riley, Red Skelton Show, Dragnet, Steve Allen Show, Danny Thomas Show and even has an episode from 1962 of Password with Allen Ludden the late husband of Betty White as host.

Each show has an episode of that show plus includes a detailed writeup of the history of each show. For instance the writeup on The Fugitive mentions that David Janssen who portrayed the lead character on the show once had problems securing roles on television and in the movies because of his big ears.

The production quality was not that great in most of these shows since television was still in its early stages but it is still fun watching these shows we grew up with 50 years later.


Website Guaranteed to Make You Hungry

If you have been looking all over town for Seaweed Potato Chips this website may let you know if they are worth looking for and you will find 4,547 other snacks reviewed at the taquitos.net website.

If you want more info about a myriad of snacks that are covered in detail at taquitos.net you will find more than enough info to form an opinion on any snack mentioned at the website.

The site lists 379 candy bars, 310 barbecue chips, 158 peanut butter snacks, 175 snacks that rhyme with the name of Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito and 130 vinegar chips.

As of today there are 4,548 snacks reviewed at the site.

There are also articles that let the reader know pertinent information like Johan Santana a pitcher for the Mets can buy 9.4 million cans of Pringles for his $18 million salary. Another interesting story is that a man setting fire to potato chips in a Wal-Mart store caused the store to be closed.

One man was sent to prison for 21 years after stabbing his cousin in an altercation over potato chips.

Readers can find out what the most popular potato chips are with the April edition showing that Dorito’s 3rd Degree Burn Scorchin’ Habanero chips is the No.1 chip. The reviewer said they are hotter than Dorito’s 1st Degree Burn and 2nd Degree Burn chips.

These are just a few of the many features at the website. Next time you can’t decide exactly what kind of snack you are hungry for this website will give you the info you need to make an educated decision:


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 10 Times Larger Than Original

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup lovers who couldn't get their fill with the small 1.5 ounce size packages can now splurge with the new 16 ounce size packages with two 8 ounce cups.

Reese’s Peanut Cup lovers have had to only have small doses of their regular treat until now. The packages that contained two cups weighing 1.5 ounces have been outdone by the new huge packages weighing 16 ounces with two gigantic cups of 8 ounces each.

It will be easier than ever for fans of the Reese’s Peanut Cups to pack on the pounds. If they buy two packages they could gain two pounds in a matter of minutes when before they could eat 21 packages before gaining two pounds.

For more details on this treat this website is guaranteed to make you hungry if you browse around and read about all the snacks. Chief Snacks Officer Jeremy Selwyn writes about the new and improved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


History of Baby Ruth Candy Bars

One of the early Baby Ruth candy bars.
An ad by Curtiss Candy Company for their Baby Ruth candy bar.
The Ruth's Home Run candy bar was not allowed to use the name after Curtiss Candy Company objected saying it was too similar to the Baby Ruth name.

The Baby Ruth candy bar was first produced in the early 20’s in Chicago, Illinois on Illinois Street.

The Curtiss Candy Company claims to have gotten the name from Ruth the daughter of President Grover Cleveland Alexander. However the president had been out of office for 30 years when the candy bar was made.

It has been rumored that they company used the Baby Ruth name to avoid paying royalties to Babe Ruth.

The Baby Ruth to me is the best candy bar ever made. It was and is the Cadillac of candy bars for me.

Baby Ruth candy bar today being sold by Nestle.

G.K.life.com has a list of the Top 10 candy bars:


Alexandria Burns Down During Civil War

It was early in the morning between 8 AM and 9AM on May 13, 1864 when Union soldiers burned ninety percent of Alexandria, Louisiana down on the darkest day in the history of the city.

The soldiers attempted to burn down the Catholic church but Father J.B. Bellier refused to let the church be burned down as related in the book Alexandria Way Down in Dixie written by Harry G. and Elizabeth Eskew:

A party that approached the Catholic church to destroy if found Father J. B. Bellier barring their path. He stood at the front door, rapier in hand, and told them grimly that he’d kill the first soldier who should attempt to apply the torch. Father Bellier had been trained in the French army before studying for the priesthood and had reached the rank of Lieutenant of Cavalry. He was an expert swords man. When the soldiers saw that they would have to kill the priest in order to set fire to the church, they left.

The following paragraph from the book describes the chaos in the streets after the fire was raging leaving homeowners with no homes and no food:

Thousands of men, women and children carrying whatever they could of edibles and valuables ran choking, sobbing for the levee. Women with helpless babies in their arms frantically fought their way through the smoking, burning town and the crowds of excited citizens. Screaming chil- dren running hither and thither hunted for their mothers and fathers. Old men leaning on their staffs for support hobbled toward the river.

The courthouse was destroyed leaving no documentation of any legal records that had transpired before the day of the fire.

For those readers who are interested in more details about the occupation of Alexandria by Union soliders and the burning of Alexandria:


146 years have passed since the day Alexandria was burned down by Union soldiers but it is still the most newsworthy event to ever occur in the 203 year old city.

Redneck Photos

This is every redneck landlord's dream where seven mobile homes are stacked on the same land that would usually hold one mobile home. I am sure the mover of the top mobile home had fun getting it installed.
This may not be a Harley Davidson but it sure was a lot cheaper to build.
The meterologist who wrote this sign must have graduated at the bottom of the class.
Some lucky teenagers will be riding in this limousine to the senior prom.
This father of the bride should stop beating around the bush and let the groom know how he really feels.