More Burma Shave Signs

Several months ago we published some Burma Shave signs seen on the side of American  highways from 1925-1963.

Since then we have found more signs from that era including these:


Jim Reeves: I Love You Because

The late Jim Reeves is shown singing I Love You Because in Oslo, Norway in April, 1964. This song reached No.1 in Norway’s Top 10 and remained on the Top 10 list for 29 weeks.

Three months later on July 31, 1964  Reeves would die in a plane he was piloting from Batesville, Arkansas to Nashville, Tennessee. The plane encountered a violent thunderstorm and crashed in the Brentwood, Tennessee area.

It was later thought that he was piloting the plane upside down while not knowing it and thought he was gaining altitude but instead crashed into the ground.

He had an astounding impact internationally with his fame exceeding that of Elvis Presley in South Africa and a museum was built in his honor after his death in Sweden.

Some of his most renowned songs included He’ll Have to Go, Welcome to My World, Make the World Go Away, Am I Losing You and You’re the Only Good Thing That Happened to Me.

His velvet voice may have been stilled but he has left a legacy of his recordings to be enjoyed by generations to come.

This list of his recordings will bring back memories of his country music career that lasted 25 years.

Justin Tubb and Goldie Hill

Justin Tubb and Goldie Hill singing the country classic I Was Looking Back To See If You Were Looking Back To See If I Was Looking Back To See If You Were Looking Back At Me. They were introduced by Carl Smith who would later marry Goldie Hill.