Cigarette Advertising

20,679 physicians recommend Lucky Strikes for less throat irritation because the4y are toasted.
Cigarette advertisers give their brand of cigarettes credit for winning the war against Hitler.
This cigarette ad says to smoke Lucky Strikes to be your level best but they may be referring to someone who died of lung cancer lying in their coffin.
Blowing smoke in someone's face is a good way to get slapped.
I like Ronald Reagan but can't condone sending a carton of cigarettes for a Christmas present.
Since more doctors smoked Camels that should correspondingly mean that more doctors died of lung cancer.

Maybe they should tell on tombstones what brand of cigarettes a person smoked that died of lung cancer so everyone will know not to smoke that brand..


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

9 thoughts on “Cigarette Advertising”

  1. Do you remember going into the Doctor’s office and he would be smoking? Was facinated as a kid , and kinda wanted to try one , but that was strictly a No No. Then as an adult, some would be smokign when you entered, but put the cigarette out. Now some small grills I had quit going in here is nice again without the smoke choking the day lights out of you.

  2. After seeing a doctor smoking you couldn’t help but think it wasn’t dangerous to smoke. I may have smoked two packs of cigarettes in my life so never got hooked on them. As hazardous as smoking is to one’s health you would think nobody would be smoking.

  3. The anti-smoking commercials out today are very scary. Shame people are still smoking those “cancer sticks.” Guess people think they are immortal. And aside from being a health hazard not only to the smoker but to those who have to endure second-hand smoke, it’s just a stinky, ugly habit! Ewww, people who smoke smell bad and have yellow fingers!

    1. I have seen hospital patients with oxygen tanks smoking cigarettes in the smoking area at hospitals.. I lost an uncle to lung cancer, while in his 30’s, so have no tolerance for cigarette advertisers. My wife noticed after she stopped smoking how terrible of a smell emanated from smokers. She can’t stand to be around smokers now.

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