Helen Forrest: You Made Me Love You

Helen Forrest singing You Made Me Love You with the Harry James Orchestra.

She was signed by Artie Shaw in 1938 and went on to record with Benny Goodman, Harry James and Tommy Dorsey. Helen sang with Dick Haymes on some duets which became popular.

Even though her name is not recognized as well as Peggy Lee, Dinah Shore, Doris Day, Helen O’Connell and other female big band singers she was as talented as any of them.

I can remember when the late Town Talk sportswriter Bill Carter was talking about Harry James coming to Alexandria during the big band revival.


Duane Yates: I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

The late Duane Yates singing his blue-eyed soul rendition of I’ve Been Loving You Too Long as he remembers the Fabulous Boogie Kings who have have passed away over the years.

Ironically Duane died on May 23, 2009 at the age of 65 at Rapides Regional Medical Center in Alexandria.

He graduated from Pineville¬†High School in 1962 and had sang The Lord’s Prayer at the 40th class reunion in 2002.

The following obituary from the Bunkie.com website gives more details on his life and his funeral:


Ronnie Milsap: 40 No.1 Singles

Ronnie Milsap recorded his first song in 1963 and 47 years years later is still recording and is third among country singers with forty No.1 hits.

Ronnie Milsap singing the great 50’s revival song Lost in the 50’s which reminds listeners of the music of six decades ago.

Ronnie singing the country classic Legend In My Time.

Ronnie singing a pure country song The Girl Who Waits on Tables on the Porter Wagoner Show in 1973.

Ronnie singing a medley of his hits during a 1978 concert in Holland.

Note: My wife is having a total colectomy on Monday so I may not be posting for a couple of weeks or more.

Nixon-Khrushchev Kitchen Debate

Vice President Richard Nixon and Premier Nikita Khrushchev of Russia became embroiled in a debate at the World's Fair in Moscow on July 24, 1959.

Vice President Richard Nixon cut the ribbon to open the American display at the World’s Fair in Moscow on July 24, 1959. He was showing Premier Nikita Khrushchev the Russian leader an American home when he and Khrushchev started arguing about the merits of their countries.

Khrushchev particularly enjoyed waving bye bye to the American way of life alluding to the thought that Russia would surpass the United States and leave us in the dust.

Less than a year later Russia would shoot down American pilot Gary Powers who was piloting a U2 spy plane sending the two countries into the Cold War.

This video of the Kitchen Debate shows Vice President Richard Nixon and Premier Nikita Khrushchev in their famous debate that took place in the American display at the World’s Fair in Moscow on July 24, 1959.

The Lighthouse – Buddy Mullins

Buddy Mullins singing the southern gospel classic The Lighthouse one of the most loved songs ever recorded. Mullins sings the song with the late Kenny Hinson’s wife in the audience. Hinson had died of cancer.

The Ryman Reunion Homecoming Concert is my favorite of the Gaither homecomings. Christianbook.com has clips of the songs which were sung at the concert and the sound of these great songs will evoke memories of southern gospel at its best.


Quinn Sullivan: Electric Blues at its Best

Quinn Sullivan who will be 11 on March 26 has been playing the guitar since the age of three.

Blues singer-guitarist Buddy Guy has spotlighted Sullivan in his concerts. Sullivan plays riffs that accomplished guitarists can only dream about.

Playing this well at an early age should be a springboard to a long and successful career. He first appeared on national television in 2006 on the Ellen DeGeneres show and has since appeared on the Today and Oprah Winfrey shows.

The following videos show how his career has evolved since 2006:

Buddy Guy introduces Sullivan at the age of 8 during his concert in 2007 and Guy is amazed at his talent at such an early age.

Sullivan singing his life story showing he is not only a great guitarist but can sing the blues with the best of them.

It will be interesting to watch and listen to Quinn Sullivan as his career continues to grow and he has a bright future ahead of him and should be able to make a living for years to come playing the electric blues on his guitar.

Cigarette Advertising

20,679 physicians recommend Lucky Strikes for less throat irritation because the4y are toasted.
Cigarette advertisers give their brand of cigarettes credit for winning the war against Hitler.
This cigarette ad says to smoke Lucky Strikes to be your level best but they may be referring to someone who died of lung cancer lying in their coffin.
Blowing smoke in someone's face is a good way to get slapped.
I like Ronald Reagan but can't condone sending a carton of cigarettes for a Christmas present.
Since more doctors smoked Camels that should correspondingly mean that more doctors died of lung cancer.

Maybe they should tell on tombstones what brand of cigarettes a person smoked that died of lung cancer so everyone will know not to smoke that brand..