Louisiana College Wildcats Football Now and Then

Since moving from Pineville, Louisiana to Knoxville, Tennessee in August of 2007 we have lost track of how the Louisiana College football team has done this season.

It was good to see that they compiled a 7-3 record in 2009 when I checked online to see how they played in 2009. They not only won seven games but scored 42 or more points in five of those wins plus scored 44 points in a 54-44 loss to Mississippi College.

Memories From Past Wildcats Football History

Henry Walden was the athletic director for Louisiana College from 1921-1961. He coached the Wildcats in the first international football game in 1929 against the University of Mexico.

I can remember going to the games on campus and made a huge mistake at my first game by thinking when teams left the field at halftime that the game was over so walked the four blocks home only to find out the game was still being played.

As a teenager I would follow the action walking along the sidelines on the far side of the field away from the main grandstand and can remember Dick Lawrence the owner of Dick’s Bait Stand being a regular in the sideline patrol following the action.

If I recall correctly the Wildcats and Northwestern played to a 0-0 tie once at Bolton Stadium. I was there because my dad was selling tickets at the entrance to the stadium.

The win I remember the most was when Charles “Tank” Tolar was stopped from scoring for Northwestern on a play late in the game that gave the Wildcats the win. Tolar would go on to become a star for the Houston Oilers in the American Football League.

I can still remember some of the players from the old days like:

Keith “Moose” Munyan

Ernie Duplechain

Clayton and Gene Bullard

Mal Sistrunk

Bob and David Corley

Bill Mount

Clifton “Monkey” Randall

Hamburger Harrison (don’t know his real first name but remembered he weighed 314 pounds)

Frank Mobley

Gene Southern (would later coach the Wildcats)

Jim Jossick (who I found on Facebook and living in Connecticut and remember him being from Connecticut when he attended College Drive Baptist Church.

Jimmy Trotter (also attended College Drive Baptist Church)

Joe Stewart

Les Patrick (coached the Wildcats and lived on Burns Streets in Pineville in a 1100 square foot house with only 1,100 feet of heated area) You would think a football coach would be living in a larger house than that. He was the first to live in the house in 1958 and we bought it 21 years later for $24,000 so he must have bought it for a lot less than that in 1958. I had my first crush on his daughter, but doubt that she knew it. I went to Pineville Elementary and since she lived on the other side of the street she went to Woodland Elementary. Funny thing is our house was on Woodland side of the street and hers was on the Pineville Elementary side of the street, so went to two different schools. 

List of members of the Louisiana College Sports Hall of Fame:


No Football For 32 Years

The attendance at the football games dwindled and I can recall my dad saying they were barely selling enough tickets to pay the electricity bills for a game.

By this time I was working for the Town Talk and can remember going to games on Saturday afternoons with few fans in the stadium.

Eventually the football program was halted and 32 years passed with no football until in the early 2000’s it was revived and the fans supported the team well. I went to as many games as possible when I wasn’t working on Saturdays. It was great to see a game with no television timeouts to stop the action.

I can remember one game being stopped because of  an intense lightning storm. I can remember the Wildcats having a quarterback who was among the leaders in the country in passing yards but can’t remember his name now.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

9 thoughts on “Louisiana College Wildcats Football Now and Then”

  1. Hello Andrew,

    Tried to respond to your facebook request (below). For some reason because it was sent to my son in CT and forwarded to my address in NH I could not confirm you as friend. Tried to call an Andrew Godfrey at 865 249 8256, left message–no response. Never the less I am delighted to hear from you and the fact that your dad is so active. Chemistry was my major— I almost did not receive diploma because I could not pass Qualitative Analysis in Chemistry-went to summer school in 1956, had your dads undivided attention and he found that the reason for my persistent and only failing of this course was due to the fact that I was color blind.I received diploma with Chemistry major. Say hello for me, learned a lot from him, chemistry was basis for patents and other ventures.
    This Hall of Fame web site is great–brings back many memories–give me a call or my email oomni31703@aol.com .


    Jim Jossick

    Hi Jim,
    Andrew Godfrey added you as a friend on Facebook. We need to confirm that you know Andrew in order for you to be friends on Facebook.

    Andrew Godfrey

    Andrew says, “Jim,
    I am Andrew Godfrey the son of Dr. Godfrey at La. College. I remember when you attended College Drive Baptist Church. I was songleader there from 1997-2007 before moving to Tennessee. My dad is now 95 and is still operating a tiller and mowing yard with a push mower. He lives in Greeneville, Tennessee and we live in Knoxville, Tennessee.
    I still remember you playing football for La.College.

    The Facebook Team To confirm Andrew as a friend:
    Add Friend

    rded to me I could not confirm you as friend

  2. Gene Bullard was my Dad who passed away October 25th. 2011,Greatest man ive ever known and would hope to meet,i miss him dearly,i know he was a great athleate but even a better man !!!

    1. Thank you for the update on your dad. See that he and his brother Clayton both made the LC Football Hall of Fame. Clayton was my home room teacher one year at Pineville High. You have every right to be proud of your dad as a dad first and as a football player.

  3. Info about Dick Lawrence in your blog: His real name was Clifford L (Dick) Lawrence. He got that nickname from one of his teachers because he was such a “dickens” to deal with in the classroom. He went on to play football for both Bolton HS and Louisiana College in the ’30s and was known as Big Hoss by all of his old time friends.

    1. Jim, Thanks for the info. In fact I think I remember you from my years in Pineville. I can still remember Dick Lawrence going up and down sidelines on the far side of the football field away from the main stands, as he watched the games. I still remember Dick’s Bait Stand being across from Pineville Elementary for as long as I remember. He looked like he may have been a football player. Don’t know if he was offensive or defensive player or both, because I wasn’t born in the 30’s. Thanks again for writing.

  4. My Dad was Gene Bullard. He was known as “Mr. Defense”!! He was the greatest man I know and I am very proud to be his daughter!!!

    1. I remember when Gene and Clayton Bullard played football for Louisiana College. Clayton was my homeroom teacher, at Pineville High when I started there in 1958. You have every right to be proud of your dad.

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