How Many With Same Name?

There is a website named that lets users type in their name and instantly receive results of how many people with that name live in the United States.

You can type in Brett Favre and find that there is only one person in the United States named Brett Favre. There is also only one Drew Brees in the country.

There is also only one Peyton Manning but there are 2,376 persons named Mark Sanchez.

There are 111,035 persons with the first name of Arnold but only 114 have the last name of Shwarzenegger but only one Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There is only one person named Kellie Pickler.

There are 172,721 persons named Bill and 58,022 with the last name of Gates but only 32 Bill Gates.

If you want to find how many people have the same name as you go to: