50’s Home Deliveries

The milkmen who delivered milk in glass bottles to the homes during the 50's.

One of my memories of the 50’s is the milkman who used to bring milk to our house. I can remember the milkman having a four number phone number on the side of his truck. I can remember the cream at the top of the milk bottles. Today door to door delivery is almost non-existent as far as I know. It was nice to have fresh milk delivered to the door back then and I still can remember the last name of the milkman who worked for the Blue Ribbon Dairy in Alexandria, Louisiana  a company which no longer exists.

Ice was delivered door to door in the 50's in ice trucks.
Grocery stores featured door to door delivery in the 50's and groceries are being delivered by groceries that take orders from customers on the internet.

It was common to have groceries delivered to the door of homeowners in the 50’s but 50 years later internet grocery stores are offering delivery of groceries to homes.

Netgrocer is one of the groceries delivering to homes today to online customers:


There may be very few if any milkmen still delivering milk door to door today and there is no need for icemen to deliver ice to homes with the electric refrigerators of today. Still grocers are once again delivering groceries to homes again after taking orders on the internet.

Ice cream trucks playing music used to cruise through neighborhoods in the 50's but they still are still selling ice cream to kids and adults 50 years later.

There was nothing like an ice cream treat on a hot summer day. It was always a special treat when mom and dad would let us buy ice cream from the ice cream vendor who drove through our neighborhood.

My sister drove an ice cream truck when living in Houston.

The ice cream man hasn’t driven through our neighborhood in Knoxville, Tennessee lately with our temperatures not above freezing for several days in a row.