Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Lori Piestewa Family

The family of Lori Piestewa (right) an American soldier killed in Iraq was given a new home on a recent Extreme Makeover Home Edition program with her friend Jessica Lynch pictured on the left being one of those helping on the project.

I have seen a lot of Extreme Makeover Home Edition programs which have touched my heart but the one broadcast recently about Lori Piestewa topped them all considering she had given her life for her country.

Her friend Jessica Lynch who had served in Iraq with Lori had made a pact with Lori that if anything happened to either of them the one remaining would make sure the family of the deceased soldier would be taken care of.

Lynch kept her word and was one of the workers that helped with the construction of a new home for the Piestewa family.

Family Had History of Military Service

It was particularly sad to see how the death of their mother had touched the son and daughter of Lori. Lori’s family had a history of service in the United States military with her father and grandfather having served in defense of our country.

I didn’t know until reading the accompanying article that the family had been given the new home four years ago. Even that doesn’t matter though since it is a program that needs to be reshown many times to remind us of how Lori a brave Hopi Indian woman served her country and how her friend Jessica was there to see the family receive their new home.

The most touching scene of the program was when the family entered the new home and saw a special room set up in honor of Lori with photos of her and other mementos of her life.

It was particularly heartwarming to see her son and daughter as they saw photos of them and their mom.

Excited to See New Homes

It is good to know that American Extreme Makeover Home Edition continues to give homes to those who really need homes and to see the faces on the families after the bus has been moved from the front of the home.

More than a few tears have been shed by both the families receiving the homes and the viewers at home watching a family with no hope receiving a home and changing their lives.

I can still remember the news stories about the convoy in which Lynch and Piestewa were traveling in being attacked by terrorists with Lynch being captured and later escaping to safety.

Special Thanks

ABC and Sears and any other sponsors of the program deserve a special thanks for reminding us what makes this country great as builders and average citizens pitch in and work for seven days on providing some happiness for a family that was left without their daughter after she was killed in Iraq.

Ty Pennington may be a little off the wall sometimes but you can look in his eyes while a family is telling him their story and know that he truly cares about each family that has ever been given a new home.



Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

2 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Lori Piestewa Family”

  1. Lori was amazing her and my dad Brian Bradley served together in Iraq when i was a little kid. My dad, jessica, and lori were good friends. Jessica and lori would take turns watching us in there rooms on base in el paso,Texas. Even though i was to little to remember much I remember how she seemed to always have a smile on her face no matter what. And how the night when we were all in a gym before they had left to go to iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom she made it fun and not a moment of sadness was there until the next morning when they got on the buses and left. Me and my dad go back all the time talking about how great of a person she was. My dad made i little section in the house with all his stuff from the 8 years he served and there sits a picture of lori with an american flag background sitting on our shelf so that we may never forget her. She is missed by many and we will always love her. I may have never met her parents or son and daughter but i think about them often after seeing the episode. I think its wonderful that they did that for the family. And that you guys doing that obviously means the world to them. Lori thanks so much for risking and giving your life to keeping us all free. I will speak for me and many others that we appreciate it very much. Rest easy!

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