Memories From 1947 Radio Mirror

The Radio Mirror was the precursor of the TV-Radio Mirror. I have a copy of the  May 1947 Radio Mirror which has a photo of Dinah Shore on the cover when she was 31 years old.

I couldn’t find a photo of that cover so am including a photo of Dinah from a 1946 movie Till The Clouds Roll By before she became a blonde.

A photo of Dinah Shore as she appeared in the 1946 movie Till The Clouds Roll By before becoming a blonde in the 1950's.

It is amazing to be able to look at the May 1947 Radio Mirror magazine 62 years later and look back at the articles and ads from that magazine.

Page 1….The Ipana toothpaste ad copy includes this advice:

Listen, goon, a bright smile depends largely on firm, healthy gums. If your dentist suggests massage with Ipana, take his advice…and you’ll be started on a smile that’ll have men picking petals off daisies!

Page 18….Barbara Stanwyck is pictured at the age of 40 promoting Max Factor Pan-Cake makeup.

Page 22….Dick Haymes is shown spending time with his family at his Encino, California home.

Page 36….has this four line poem:

Can You Blame Her?

At keeping a secret Milady

May often seem inept,

But either it wasn’t worth keeping

Or it was too good to be kept!

-Thomas Usk

Page 58….Radio listings

The listings for 8:30 on Thurday evenings showed the competition at that hour among the four major radio networks:

NBC – Burns and Allen

MBS – Count of Monte Cristo

ABC – America’s Town Meeting

CBS – FBI Peace and War

Page 67….Movie star Esther Williams is pictured touting Woodbury Fiesta makeup named for her current movie Fiesta.

Page 69….A lady is shown showing her husband her new drapes and is saying:

Look at these beautiful Clopay drapes I got for just 98 cents.

New Clopay window shades 39 cents.

Page 86….Flame-Glo lipstick is sold for 25 cents.

Page 93….Shows a cartoon with baby bear saying ” I don’t mind the porridge…but somebody drank my Pepsi”.

Page 96….Royledge  nine foot roll of shelving paper selling for seven cents. (Try to find that deal today).

Page 103….North American Mutual Insurance is offering this protection with their policy:

Hospital room and board….$6.00 a day

Doctor visits….$3.00 a visit

Surgical Operations….$150.00

Ambulance Service….$10.00

Page 106….Columbia Mail Order Co. has this deal on dresses:

6 Selected dresses for $3.99

Used but clean- some may need to be repaired.

5 Cotton dresses for $2.95

(Maybe Goodwill will start making this deal to mail customers)

Page 112….Clark Ring Co. offers this amazing deal:

Diamond engagement and wedding rings $1.95 each or $2.95 for both.


Heartwarming Stories

There are many true heartwarming stories told throughout the magazine with several related to coping with death of loved ones during World War II.


Mother Writes Lonely Soldier During World War II

One mother was told about a soldier who cried when he didn’t get mail during the war so she started writing to him and he got to visit his “new mom” a few months later. He told her “Mom you will never know how happy I was to get your letters”.


Found Bank Robbery Money

Another story tells of a family living in the Louisiana cotton fields in 1936 and how the people were moving out of town as stores and businesses closed.

Then the local bank is robbed of $400,000 which included money of those who had their life savings in the bank. The robbers were arrested but didn’t have the money with them.

The son of the family was chopping wood when the ax head flew off and landed in the well. His dad was lowered into the well and found the ax head along with the missing $400,000.


Disabled Veteran Finds Happiness

This story tells of a totally disabled veteran paralyzed from the hips down after being hit while in a tank by a German shell. He spent a year in the hospital be was discharged and sent home.

A girl he used to go with heard he was home and came to visit him. He felt like she would never come back to see him after seeing his condition but she returned and asked him to marry her.

He told her he would be a burden on her but she insisted that would make no difference as long as they loved each other.

He said he found out that life can be beautiful as long as someone loves you and believes in you.


Girl Loses Boyfriend In War

This is an extremely sad story of a girl who lost her boyfriend in the war. She tells of seeing him board the train for the last time as he headed to war.

The news of his death came shortly before Christmas. She lost all interest in friends and relatives after being notified of the death of her boyfriend and couldn’t see any hope in her future.

One day she was waiting for a bus when she encountered a tall young man and they talked on the bus after she spilled the contents of her purse on the floor and the man helped her pick up what had fallen on the floor of the bus.

He picked up the photo of the girl’s boyfriend who had died in the war. He asked her if he had been home lately and she replied that he was dead.

Then he told of his own time in the service when he had lost both legs but had taught himself to use wooden legs.  The girl began to feel ashamed of her self-pity after realizing what he had been through.

She goes on to say that she is still seeing the former soldier and that the soldier had renewed her interest in living. She ends by saying that there is always the future if one’s heart goes to meet it.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

2 thoughts on “Memories From 1947 Radio Mirror”

  1. You know how I love memories of the past. This is so good. I can’t imagine these prices of goods. The ad about the used dresses is so funny. You have a magazine you need to hold on to. But I guess wages were so low, that every thing equaled out But now wages can’t keep up with inflated prices

    1. I liked the used dresses ad too. Who would send off for a used dress without even seeing it today? Maybe a new dress but not a used dress.

      Wish we could go back to the good old days except for very few air conditioners but probably wouldn’t miss it. We didn’t have our first air conditioner till 1966 or 1967.

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