Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Show With a Purpose

Extreme Makeover Home Edition has made the difference in the lives of many families by building homes for people who desperately need them.

Most television shows only entertain but Extreme Makeover Home Edition actually helps people who are living in dilapidated homes while most of those people have dedicated their lives to others and are providing a service of  some kind to their community.

One story that comes to mind is of the soldier who lost a leg in war on terrorism and when he returns his wife leaves him to make it on his own leaving him to raise the kids.

Pennington Tells Of Family Being Helped

Ty Pennington tells his makeover crew the story on the bus about the family they are going to help and they agree to help the soldier by building him and his kids a new home.

The most moving part of the show is when his fellow soldiers that were there when he lost his leg help build a flagpole in his front yard. Anyone with any emotion at all that saw that part of the show couldn’t help but be touched and perhaps shed a few tears as he saw what they had done for him.


Police Officer Receives New Home

There have been many more episodes than I can remember but another one that stands out is when a lady police officer is shot and has been confined to a wheelchair and has a new home built for her.

A few times the builders even pay the mortgage for a house. Not only do they have a new home they don’t have the worry of making monthly payments for it.


Build a New House in Seven Days

It is amazing that Pennington and the design crew along with help from hundreds of local people can build a new house in seven days.

Each old house has to be emptied of its contents which has to take a long time by itself so the the old home can be demolished.


Designing Rooms For Kids

I like the way the design team talks to the kids that will live in the house and find out what hobbies they are interested in and then design their rooms with that information in mind.

Once the house has been built the design crew, the builders and the people of the community converge on the house to celebrate the revealing of the house to the recipients.


Move That Bus Chants

Then the chant of  “move that bus” starts and the bus pulls away from the front of the house so the new occupants can see their new house.

Watching the faces of the people that are going to live in the house after the bus pulls away revealing their new house is priceless.

Then as they enter the house the first time and see the open space of the house where there may have been very little space before. One show had two people using wheelchairs having to navigate narrow halls in their old house.

Then they walk in the new house and see so much open space with a home built to the needs of the handicapped.

I always enjoy watching the kids walking into their new room for the first time and the excitement they are experiencing.


ABC Gives New Vehicles

Then sometimes ABC will even give the family a new vehicle adding even more happiness to their special day.

Not many viewers can watch the last part of the show when the recipients of a new house see their rooms one by one without being teary eyed.

It is wonderful that television viewers can share the happiness the owners of the new homes as they see their new home for the first time.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is the most heartwarming show on television and touches the hearts of both the new homeowners and those viewing the show on television.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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