Best Music Website: is the most complete music website to find the older rock and roll, country, blues, country and western, doo wop and easy listening songs that we all grew up with in the 50’s and 60’s and some other decades.

This website has been online for 12 years and has had over 2 million visitors.

After arriving at the website scroll down and you will see a group of icons which are links to non-music sections of the website.

To get to the music keep scrolling down and you will see in the first row of icons a section that has some easy listening music and an old time radio section among other icons.

The last five icons on the page will be where most of the music is. You will see a Blues In My Eye Juke Joint icon that has three jukeboxes loaded with blues music.

The next icon labeled Lost in the 50’s jukebox will have six jukeboxes of rock and roll music. In the middle of the second row you will see the words ¬†Doo Wop Drivein which will have three jukeboxes of Doo Wop music.

The next icon over will say Satin Smoothies and it has two jukeboxes of easy listening music. The next jukebox will say Sunrise Gospel and will include a lot of traditional hymns and southern gospel type songs.

The last icon on the front page will say Two Steppin’ Tunes Jukebox Saloon and it has three jukeboxes of country and western music.

All of the music at this site is the full track of  whatever song is selected.

The website uses Real Player to play the songs. The songs don’t start right away but it may be because of of my slow computer.

Enjoy the music!!!


Charley Pride: Kiss An Angel Good Morning

Charley Pride singing Kiss An Angel Good Morning on the Marty Stuart Show.