2 comments on “Two Week Trip: Hawaii to Vietnam

  1. i was on that ship with the 25 if div when they landed in vietnam. i wouild like to continue this story from the ship to cuchi. i will never forget when we had to climb on the side of the ship pn rope ladders to small craft below with full gear and our trusty weapon. the roep ladder was shakeing and donot look down or up. i am a little guy and above me was a big man. if you did not move he will kick you off the ladder. we finally reach our small craft. we had to stand up even thouhg we were all tireed. charlie was at shore so we could not go in right away . had to drive around untilll charlie left. we then entered light aircraft. and then we entered helecopters to cuchi. the news that we received was that charlie killed two people. now we are safe at last home in hawaii. god bless everyone

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