Don Knotts: Rugged Lawman

Deputy Barney Fife portrayed by Don Knotts was one of the funniest characters in television history.

Don Knotts made a brilliant move by telling Andy Griffith he needed a deputy for the Andy Griffith Show and became Barney Fife on the show.

Knotts was the perfect Barney for the show and drove Andy up the wall with his antics on the show. The best show ever to me was when he was ruining the sound of the choir so Andy conjured up a plan to have him sing so low he couldn’t be heard.

Then while Barney was singing or rather not singing a very good singer was behind the curtain singing while Barney was singing his solo.

Knotts was a comedian on the Steve Allen Show and later after the Andy Griffith Show and his variety show had left the air he appeared in Three’s Company. He also appeared on some episodes of Madlock which starred his pal Andy Griffith.

He was in a long string of movies during the 60’s which featured him playing over the top characters including an astronaut in The Reluctant Astronaut.

Knotts died at the age of 81 at the UCLA Medical Center of lung cancer and Andy Griffith visited him shortly before his death.