4 comments on “American Idol: Angie Miller Goes Home, All Four Judges Reportedly To Be Fired For Season 13

  1. I think the major problem with the show is that they are too contemporary. Viewers want to hear classics. This whole season the only night I truly enjoyed was when they did Burt Bachrach songs. Otherwise I was just sitting there enjoying my nightly glass of red wine and chatting with my husband ignoring what was on the television.

    I liked all the judges of this season, along with Steven Tyler from last season (which is why I started watching to begin with).

  2. I agree about the contemporary songs. I haven’t listened to any music past 1979, so sure am not interested in songs from 2013. Steven Tyler was probably one of the most-liked judges in American Idol history and Ellen DeGeneres had to be the worst. Candice is the best singer left, but you never know till Ryan announces the votes next Thursday.

  3. Angie Miller has the beauty, the voice and the talent; she doesn’t need any “AI” title to raise her to stardom. There’s no way her elimination could stop her rise to fame.

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