47 comments on “Lizard Lick Towing’s Ron and Amy Shirley Worth Combined $5 Million

  1. I love lizard lick towing. Amy is my favorite.I would love to meet them someday.your number one fan. Julie

    • I love the show, whether it’s fake or not, it’s hilarious and great entertainment. I always have my DVD set and taped ready to go for the new show to come. Even if you cry babies cry and whine that it’s fake, this is reality and rteality means that this really happens in real life, even if you never seen such incidents in the street, but believe me it is happening just as you see it on LIZARD LICK TOW.

    • I don’t really care whether lizard lick is real or not it makes for great tv but I’d like producers to be honest……..REAL OR FAKE

      • Danielle, Wish producers would tell us what is real and what is fake. Even Bobby has admitted that some of the show is fake. I am sure that not every repossession is filled, with as much drama as is shown on the show. We had a vehicle repossessed and I don’t even remember them repossessing it. We were behind in our payments, so we were glad they took it off our hands, since once they picked it up it was no longer our problem. Of course that wouldn’t make good TV. Nobody would wants to see them haul off a vehicle, with the owners staying in their house during the whole thing.

        Not to say that repossessing cars is not a risky business, since there are those that will fight tooth and nail to keep their vehicle and are not above resorting to violence to keep the vehicle. I think a lot of the action inside the shop is fake, when a vehicle owner comes in demanding to have their vehicle returned. In real life that lobby would be without wall decorations and nothing that wasn’t nailed down. Still, it is a fun to watch and very entertaining show.

    • Bobby has recently divorced his 5th wife Anita Grissom this passed summer and just this last month, married Malanie who also “played” Cassie of the show Lizard Lick Towing. Bobby has left the show is is currently filming two new shows of his own. The show is scripted and everyone, except Ronnie and Amy are actors….Bobby has never once “worked” for Ronnie and never received a check from Ronnie. He was a friend that was brought in to appear on the show as Ronnie’s side kick. Thats all…Its ashame, but the show is totally fake.

      • Chris, Thank you for the updated information on Lizard Lick Towing. I am sure there is some drama involved in repossessing vehicles, but Lizard Lick takes it to the extreme. I wasn’t too surprised that the shows are scripted and have nothing to do with reality. Big Juicy’s phony romance with Earl was over the top fake.

        I can’t see the show lasting much longer, if Bobby has left the show. Can’t see people to watch the show to see Crazy Dave, with Bobby doing his own shows. Would be interested in knowing more about Bobby’s shows, if you have any details available, since I am sure Bobby’s fans would also like to know. Was surprised to learn that Bobby never worked for Ron in real life. Hope Bobby’s marriage with Malanie works out well.

        Thanks again for the inside info on Lizard Lick Towing and keep us posted on any more news you run across.

  2. bobby is currently going thru his 4th divorce. Bobby doesn’t have anything in the lizard lick store because his soon to be ex wife has took it out the store, and selling it elsewhere…

    • Jennifer, Thank you for the update. So that explains why there are no photos of Bobby and Anita online. Shame because they looked so happy, when the photos were posted on his Facebook page. I did read today that Bobby is OK after the accident, but not talking much, since the show will be showing the aftermath of the accident, whenever the next season starts.

  3. I like the whole crew exspecially ronny and bobby and i love it when ronny sends amy to distract the owner of the vehicle so they can hook it up

  4. My husband, kids, & myself watch the show & even my 8yr old said, during the 2nd or 3rd show, “Mom, this is SO fake! WHY do they ALWAYS leave their car door open or unlocked cuz someone ALWAYS pulls em out & beats em up?!?” Real or not, It’s funny, it’s entertaining, & I love how loyal they are to each other.

    • I didn’t want the show to be fake, but it is like every reality show on television. It still is fun to watch, especially when Bobby is on the screen. Main thing is that you enjoy the show whether it is fake or not.

      • EXACTLY! ENJOY THE SHOW because it’s good Entertainment for everybody. And it’s also hilarious.

  5. .Who cares if its fake or real we watch the show because we enjoy the people in it . Please cut everyone some slack including Bobby about his DIVORCE please.mm

  6. @Grant The last clip I saw I think was about three weeks old – or aired 3 weeks ago in the US (I’m UK) Bobby was in it, being driven stir crazy by his sister Luna – who he was calling Luna-tic She was looking after him at home, when a visitor from his past pops along to see him, and they make a break for it from ‘Nazi nurse’ I think that’s what he was calling her lol. At a total guess there on episode 3 or 4 of the new season in the US about now idk for sure because the site I view them on has messed up the seasons and episode numbers, saying there’s 25 per season :\ and there are 5 seasons go figure that one out as there are to my knowledge S1 12 ep S2&3 13 ep and now they are airing season 4, so I can’t give you an accurate ep number. We watch it on Dave too. Regards the reality aspect I believe the business, friendship and day to day stuff is real, even some of the fight scenes as when Ron is all alone fake blood is not that ironish brown/red colour, however I think they may re-enact some of the more interesting fight scenes to keep it highly interesting so it’s plausible they did all happen at one point just before the company was being filmed. Have a look on youtube they post some of the new new very short clips and have interviews and podcasts:)

    • I can’t edit my comment but the reason the episodes may be mis numbered is we (UK) get one hour shows, I believe the US get 30min? It’s like Family guy here where on season 12 in the US it’s Volume 8 or something so it can be hard to know which episode everyone is referring to due to these mismatches.

  7. Did lizard lick get cancelled because the last show was March 31,2014. Is it going to be back on…

    • I couldn’t find any news about the show being cancelled. There is usually a few months, in between the last episode of one season and the first episode of the next season, so it may be returning sometime this summer.

  8. They have continued with Bobby since then they have had a ton happen but now Bobby has left Lizard Lick and has started his own towing company. Thats how the last season went off, the new one starts tonight. Cassy is back :-(

  9. Hello my name is Lee. I’m from Texas.I don’t care if the show is fake or not it’s very entertaining. Ron, Amy , Bobby. I love all you guys. I would really love to meet Bobby. I believe we have a lot in comon. Please email me back.
    Women from Tx are beautiful. Come see. Lol.
    Thanks Lee Hobbs. !♥♥♥♥♥

    • I saw the first show of the new season and think Bobby will be back with Lizard Lick Towing soon. The show is very entertaining, and has a lot of fans like Lee, who don’t care if it is fake or not.

      I just write blogs, so not connected with the show in any way. Best way to contact Bobby is writing Bobby Brantley at his Facebook page.

  10. I don’t want to see the show come to an end. I love watching the show, they bring their lives and kids to the show, you can see they have a beautiful family and they do family activities and camping.

    I didn’t like the rift between Mr. Shirley sr and one son bash Bobby blaming him for the vehicles that get messed up in a repo and now Bobby having his own company.

    That could work as long as they have different accounts and yet help each other still as they are beasties.

    I love it when Amy puts that bitch Sheila in check each time. I don’t like fighting but enough is enough even if its for the show ratings.

    They are real people dealing in real people’s issues. Please don’t cancel the show and how hurt is Ron on the new episode is he going to be ok and is that the reason the show is cancelled?

    • I looked online and didn’t see anything about the show being canceled. I expect Bobby will be back with Lizard Lick Towing sooner, rather than later. I think him showing up at the hospital shows that Bobby still has Ron’s back and will be returning to repo cars with Ron, when Ron returns from hospital.

      This is a list of every Lizard Lick Towing episode, except for the 2 of the season that started two weeks ago:


    • I saw that episode on a re-run. I hate that Ron’s father and brother are so mean to Bobby. He takes the brunt of their anger when things they accuse Bobby of are untrue. I dislike those two.

    • I don’t think Earl is long for Lizard Lick Towing, after him punching Amy, even if it was an accident. Have a feeling Bobby’s business will fail and that he will return to Lizard Lick Towing in the next week or so.

  11. I live right down the road. None of these people are celebrities…worth five million yet he is a dead beat dad. His daughter In pine level , nc never hears from him. Christian my a@$. One day all the reality shows will be done and these people will be broke once again.

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