4 comments on “American Idol: Candace Glover Current Favorite To Win American Idol

  1. Janelle will probably go. I wish she would have done Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” That’s a gorgeous song and perfect for Janelle. That “Dumb Blonde” song was the pits.

  2. I agree about Janelle probably going home. She should have sang I Will Always Love You like you mentioned. I had never heard of Dumb Blonde song. Janelle may have been self indulgent to pick Dumb Blonde and it may cause her to go home.

  3. Candace, I don’t know you personally, but “GOD” does keep your “FAITH” and stronfg determination and stay focused knowing that “GOD” has “BLESSED” you with your beautiful voice, and you may even want to consider singing some gospel music of “THANKING GOD FIRST AND FOREMOST” with your talent that you have been “GIFTED” with. Also keep that same positive personality and open mind and “ALWAYS BELIEVE AND YOU ALWAYS WILL RECEIEVE” what ever there is for you as a blessing from “GOD”. That has your name on it and you’re going to get your blessing. I will keep you in my prayers.

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