3 comments on “Pia Toscano: Fifth Girl in a Row Voted Off American Idol

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  2. I think that american idol is more of a popularity contest because if the judges were the ones to decide who would be going home then it sure would not have been pia. Pia is and was the best singer on american idol. I think that she is the best out of all of them. She totally had everything it took to win. She was absolutely freakin gorgeous, the best singer, the nicest personality, and the sweetest girl. She had everything that everyone else in american idol didn’t. I honestly hope that scott doesn’t win. He can only sing country. Yes he is good but Pia toscano was so much better.
    The rules of american idol need to be changed so that the judges get to make the decisions. I think none of the judges are really good for that show. The only judge that i really thought was good was simon. He knew exactly what talent was, looked and sounded like. I think that the people should be allowed to vote but the judges should still get to make the final decision on who goes home and who doesn’t.

    • I agree 100 percent with AustinCharlie when it comes to Pia deserving to stay on American Idol. Nobody can tell me she was the 9th best singer on American Idol this year. I still haven’t figured out why she was voted off. Either her fans thought she was safe and voted for someone else or didn’t want to take the time to vote for her. If that was the case, that was a huge mistake.

      She was the technically best singer on the show. When she sang All By Myself, I figured she would be in it to the end.

      I do disagree on Scotty though and think he could be the next American Idol if James doesn’t win it. I still wouldn’t go so far as to say he is a better singer than Pia.

      Only popularity has kept Scotty and Lauren out of the bottom three this year, but country fans seem to be voting more than other fans to keep both Scotty and Lauren safe and in the final six.

      The judges have to have more say on who the next American Idol is or we will still see good singers like Pia going home way too soon.

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