32 comments on “Lizard Lick Towing Boss Arrested in 2008 With 2013 Update on Bobby Brantley

    • Best place to find out how old the baby is might be the Lizard Lick Towing page on Facebook. If you go to Bobby Brantley Facebook page you will see a lot of photos of Bobby and his wife.

  1. Hi, yall this is the Wallace family. We love you’re show, we are big fans. Even my 3 year old will sit down long enough to watch you’re show. Keep up the good work guy’s. Tell everybody that we say HI…..

  2. HA ,this is Elizabeth Shirley from tampa,fla.Ijust want to say yall r great keep the Shirley name going we r a dying breed.Amy your great keep ronnie in line we can be a little hard headed which im sure u know that by now.My 7 yo son Hunter Shirley tells his team mates yall r his family.He watches every rerun no matter how many times he seen it.By the way is Bobby single?Cant blame me 4 asking.HE needs a real woman not a ho.

  3. Amy you r the greatest addition to the Shirley name.Ronnie couldn`t of found a better wife.Goodluck with the show if u have any problems feel free to call we may not know eachother u r a Shirley and we stick together.And to all u haters your just jelous!!!!!!

  4. Does antone know how Bobby Brantley is after his accident shown in Season 4 finale on April 22, 2013?

  5. I’m a country girl with a big heart. Live in Oklahoma. Would luv to meet you. Honest, loyal, and a good sense of humor. Gotta be if her from the country. ;)

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