15 comments on “Lizard Lick Towing on TruTV

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    • Thank you for the link to my Lizard Lick Towing post from your website. It takes special people that can handle the situations they find themselves in and bring in the repossessed cars. All towing and recovery companies need steel doors since the Lizard Lick front door at the office has been hit with chains, with an axe and the baseball player who hit the door with the axe made three new slots in the door for incoming, outgoing and return to sender (think that is what someone in the office called the new slots in the door.

    • I think Bobby is not afraid of anyone except Big Juicy who scares him to death. Now that she has rescued him from those two girls Bobby may not be quite as scared. I didn’t know the baby had been but am happy for Ron and Amy.

  2. Ilove your show and so does my family we never miss it and boy we love bobby he is one great guy annd you can see a true friend and congrats on your new baby.

  3. I love to watch lizard lick towing, Why didn’t Ronnie hire BIG JUICY to stay with Army.Oh! I love to see BIG JUICY chasing after Bobby.

  4. I love to watch lizard lick towing, Why didn’t Ronnie hire BIG JUICY to stay with Amy.Oh! I love to see BIG JUICY chasing after Bobby.

    • I don’t know why Ronnie didn’t have Big Juicy working with Amy, when they went to repossess the boat in Florida. Hope it isn’t too long before they have some new shows.

  5. I love 2 watch lizard lick alot me n wife &kids we want 2 congrats on your new baby girl hope yall come back soon big juicy n bobby make a good team they both kick booty ronny should have left big juicy 2 help amy but it all worked out ok i use 2 live in NewBern NorthCarolina and I n my family r your favorite fans i wear a 3x if u want 2 send me a shirt or something ha ha no really 3x love lizard lick hope come back soon ron,bobby,amy,and repo my wife loves yourdog.

    • Hope Ronny, Amy and Bobby see your message. For a better chance for them to see your message go to facebook.com and go to the Lizard Lick Towing page in the search box. I too wondered why Ronny left Amy without Big Juicy in the office. Luckily the same people who were giving Amy a bad time helped her get an ambulance. I was afraid they would think Amy was faking it when her water broke but they really took good care of her.

  6. I love this show so much. when Amy got inot the ambulence i thought the people would take their car. I think that Bobby is so cute :) <3 Big juicy was awesome when she ripped that girls shirt in half….. I love you Bobby <3

  7. Hey guysyall areawesome I always stay awake or what ever to watch lizard lick no matter what I watch y’all and I would give anything to meet ronnie amy and most definately bad ass bobby brantley I would drive the seven hours and fiftyfive minutes to lizard lick just for that oportunity thanks for a great tv show

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