5 comments on “Western Stars of the Past: Sunset Carson

  1. Like your articles, mentioning them in our print edition of WESTERN CLIPPINGS. However, one correction. The Kit Carson that was on TALES OF WELLS FARGO was not Sunset Carson but another bit player friend of star Dale Robertson. Sunset did no TV, except a PBS interview show in the ’80s, SIX GUN THEATRE.

    • Thank you Boyd for the correction. Will remove that portion of the article which was incorrect.

      Visited your site and was very impressed. Thank you for keeping the good old days alive when we could go home after school and find a western on television back in the 50’s.

  2. I would have loved to hear Sunset Carson’s reasons for bringing an under-aged girl to the studio party. They might read something like this: “I thought you said we could bring dates to this party.” “Whadda mean she’s underage. Back in the hills, if she wasn’t married at 14, she’d be an old maid.” “What do I plan to do after the party with this girl. Well, there’s a church social we’re going try to make.” “You got a lot of balls, Herb, telling me that she’s too young for me. How old is Vera?” Vera Hruba Ralston was a Czech ice skater who became Yates’ mistress and then his wife. He insisted on putting her into westerns with his major stars (John Wayne, William Elliott) even though she had a heavy accent which was hard to cast and her acting abilities left something to be desired.

    • Mike…Thanks for the background on Sunset Carson. There probably were a lot of Vera Hruba Ralston types in Hollywood who were getting parts which they didn’t deserve.

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