31 comments on “Rock and Roll Graffiti 50’s and 60’s: Memories of an Era


    • Jimmy Clanton is one of my all time favorites since he was from Louisiana like me, plus when clowns like Ozzie Osbourne started eating animals on stage, since he knew that didn’t have anything to do with music, so walked away from music business for awhile. Just a Dream is one of the all time best songs ever.

      I was lucky to find the five videos at garage sale for $3. It might take a lot of searching to find it and it might be overpriced now.

  2. I enjoyed watching all these videos. Great find. I ahve a questions about one of the guys in the crowd. He is sitting on the back row with long blond hair. I can’t figure out who ghe is. I didn’t find any video where he was singing. Wondered if you know who it is. I searched for credits..but didn’t find any. Thanks. Emerald

  3. does anyone know who the guy is that david sommerville kissed his hand while singing little darlin? the guy didn’t sing on the show. he sat next to mary wilson and gave her a hankie when she heard the song “the wonder of you”.

    • The man that David Sommerville kissed, his hand is “Larry Black” the host. Larry has “Larry’s Diner on RFD tv

  4. Ketty put out an album in 1984…so its kinda hard to believe she didn’t “sing for 30 years before the reunion”

  5. An hour long compilation was shown on RFD in December 2011 as part of the Country’s Family Reunion series. I have my DVR set to record all of those shows, but this is the only Rock and Roll Graffiti so far.
    It said it was originally shown on RFD in 2010, and the copywrite date on the credits was 2001. I love these type of shows and this was the first one of this series I have seen. It was extremely enjoyable and most of the artists were really good.
    The ones seen were: Jimmy Clanton, Jimmy Gilmer, The Browns, Dodie Stevens, Frankie Ford (great), Otis Williams, David Sommerville (great), Gene Hughes, Dee Dee Sharp (great), and Mary Wilson (beautiful and great).
    I wonder if Larry Black and RFD were an entity back in 1999 or 2001 and they were responsible for this? It’s very well done and I would love to have and see the whole show.

  6. Estraodinária apresentação dos cantores do Rock, Todos Magníficos. Aqui no Brasil estas músicas foram muita curtidas em nossas festinhas americanas nos anos 60. Principalmente da estraordinária cantora Dee Dee Sharp, minha predileta. Ela foi magnifica nesta apresentação, continua encantadora com seu charme carismático, com todo respeito esta linda. Menina, parabéns, e muito obrigado por este show, a todos voces que se apresentaram, meu muito obrigado

    Cezar C. da silva.

  7. Frankie Ford’s performance of Sea Cruise was great and his performance of Gone was utterly brilliant. His delivery is pitch perfect, powerful and dramatic. It was definitely sung in serious vein, Andrew, and the only reasons his peers chuckle at times are because of the surprising vocal power of the delivery and for a little wiggle or shimmy that Frankie throws in half way through the performance.

    Not really sure how you can pick on pick out Frankie’s performance as being done for laughs and not mention Dave Sommerville’s performance of Little Darlin as being in the same vein. Dave sweet talks in Maurice William’s ear at one point and then gets down on his knees to hold Larry Black’s hand at another point. As it happens I think Dave’s vocal performance is excellent too.

    There are several captivating performances including Ketty Lester’s. It really was a brilliant mix of artists.

    • Paul, Thanks for posting your comments on the videos. The songs brought back a lot of memories, since I was a teenager, when most of the songs were recorded. It was great to see Jimmy Clanton, after all the years. He is from Louisiana, but about 150 miles from where we live.

      • Hi Andrew. Greetings from England ! It must be even sweeter for you watching these performances then than it is for me. I am a child of the 60’s and live in the UK so most of these performers are new to me. What is evident from these performances is how supportive and appreciative these musical artists are of each others talents and abilities. There seems to be a genuine warmth for each other.

        You can be rightfully proud of Jimmy Clanton. His voice sounds superb and the ending of this performance of Venus in Blue Jeans is very sweet and touching. He comes across as being an absolute gent.

  8. Hi Paul, Thank you for your comments. It is good to hear from someone in England. The singers know what the other singers went through with traveling and for the black singers prejudice in the south, that made it difficult for them. I have always liked Jimmy Clanton since he is from Louisiana like us.

  9. Hi Andrew, I’ve seen some of the show and it’s fantastic, so good are these performers. Who were the backup singers? They added so much to the show as well as the band .

  10. Hi Andrew, I am from Australia, love these songs i recognized from the 50s, 60s,70s. and to find out who originally wrote and sang them, their voices sound great live. I want to know who is the blond lady in the front row sitting between Pat Upton and Jerry Naylor, seem to recognize her face?, she did not get up and sing a song.

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