8 comments on “Eddie Albert: Hero at Tarawa Beach In WWII

  1. Lots of interesting facts about Eddie Albert. C B S made a big mistake taking that show off. It was funny, but also clean. Remember Arnold the pig? And especially the County Agent, and Mr. Haney. All of the actors were first class on that show. Eddie Albert will forever be Mr. Douglas.

  2. I am glad you mentioned Hank Kimball the county agent, Mr. Haney and Arnold the pig. I read that CBS got rid of the country flavored shows because CBS was being called the Country Broadcast System. Still think it was dumb of CBS to remove those great shows.

  3. Served aboard the USS feland at Tarawa remember Eddie Albert coming alongside asking if we could take care of some of the dead Marines floating in the water taking on the wounded before we could take care of the dead. It was quite an experience for young 18 year old

  4. Reblogged this on Nostalgia and Now and commented:

    I am reblogging this post since someone who actually saw Eddie Albert at Tarawa Beach during World War II added a comment yesterday, which is after the article. This was originally posted in December of 2009.

  5. The person attends the funeral of Eddie Albert was Frank Cady! Cady was the cousin of the hero (that has Cady ancestry) was Alan Burton Hall!

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