3 comments on “Secret Ingredient: Grease From 1912

  1. Our music group had time to kill. so we tried every thing on Beale Street. even peeking into places where we sure didn’t want to be recognized. We were staying at the Peabody and got tired of just watching the ducks, so we explored. However speaking of food, the BBQ is something every one should try. It’s good. Next to the Memphis BBQ, a place in Hot Springs , Arkansas has really good BBq. But we had to line up outside and wait an hour and half to get in.
    But I had never seen so much grease on a sandwich as the place in Memphis. They actually dip the buns in hot grease too. The ones in our group that actually ate that suffered with indigestion all evening and the next day.

  2. The Peabody ducks can get old really fast. Don’t blame you at all for exploring Beale Street. The Travel Channel doesn’t tell about people that get sick from the greasy burgers like the ones from your group. They just talk to the ones that are crazy about the burgers and probably have cast iron stomachs.

    BBQ sounds better to me too than the greasy burgers. My son Steve hopes to be on Beale Street next week on his way to Knoxville.

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