4 comments on “Beach Boys From 1961 To Present

  1. It was Brian, not Carl, who wrote all the hits.
    It was Al Jardine who sued to tour under the BB’s name and lost.
    Mike Love sued for songwriting royalties and at one point had to pay everyone’s legal fees.

  2. Thanks Mark for the catch….Brian was the main songwriter so changed the article to reflect that and posted more info about the legal disputes from another source which explains them better and removed what I had written.

  3. i believe they played at schofield in aug 1964 with the dixie cups and ray peterson. i attended that show ,i think it was at the conroy bowl

    • Thanks William for the info. I had always thought the show was in 1963 but after 47 years have passed I was not really sure. Hard to believe the Beach Boys are still in concert even if they have splintered into three different configurations.

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